I’ve always been interested in online investigations and open-source intelligence. There’s something fascinating about crowdsourced investigations and individuals coming together to look into real-world issues. On my journey into this subject years ago, I inevitably stumbled across Bellingcat. I recently finished reading Eliot Higgins’ ‘We are Bellingcat’ which dives into how he started Bellingcat and how it grew into what it is today. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it, find it here.

Whilst reading it, I noticed there’s a very interesting point surrounding the use of digital media as evidence in trials related to war crimes or…

The most exciting Cryptocurrency hardware wallet ?

Ngrave Zero

As Cryptocurrencies are pumping hard and finding themselves flowing into the mainstream, adoption seems to be booming and with that we’ll most likely see horror stories of lost private keys and hacks. In my opinion anyone getting into Cryptocurrencies and holding even small amounts should be using a hardware wallet. If you’re not aware hardware wallets also known as cold wallets, allow you to keep your private keys secure and offline. Opposed to digital wallets that are connected to networks and susceptible to hacking, opening up the possibility that your private keys could…

Cryptocurrency analysis created using 3d-force-graph and CoinGecko API.

Video of exploring and manipulating graph. Made using 3d-force-graph

Check out the site here. (If you’re on mobile you may need to refresh once it has loaded).

As I’m now unemployed (thanks pandemic) I’m trying to keep myself busy with projects and expanding my portfolio. An idea I’ve had has been look at the adoption of Cryptocurrencies and the overall scale of the cryptocurrency / digital token landscape.

I myself have invested in cryptocurrencies over the past few years, not only that but I’ve became heavily interested in the technologies used to…

Trace labs CTF participation badge (through Badgr Canada)

The Trace Labs CTF

If you’re not aware Trace labs is a company that assists law enforcement in crowdsourcing new leads on missing persons cases using open source intelligence (OSINT). One way on which they do this is through their OSINT Capture the Flag where volunteers submit intelligence (flags) on missing persons cases. The most recent event sold out and saw 650 participants and 190 teams! …

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In 2020 advertising and data mining is everywhere. Everyday our interactions with the web be it shopping or browsing social media, our data is being collected and analysed for the sole purpose of financial gain and controlling our behavior. If we look at data as a currency you can see the value of it to companies, the more data companies have on us the more our habits can be tracked and therefore we can be targeted more accurately.

To understand how our data is used we first must look at how companies collect our data and sell to us. One…


Programmer interested in Web Development, AI, OSINT, Blockchain and I occasionally write about them

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